Cultural Difference Map


I recently encountered Hofstede’s cultural dimensions theory, which classifies world cultures into six different dimensions. It is interesting to use the link above to compare two countries at a time, but I wanted to see how each culture compared to all of the rest all at the same time. To accomplish this, I created a world map using jVectorMap which shows cultural differences through different shades of gray – darker is more similar, lighter is more different. You can just hover over each country to see how different it is from the rest. Check out the Cultural Difference Map to play with it yourself.

There are some obvious similarities, such as the fact that the United States and Australia are very similar. There are some surprises though, such as the high similarity of Peru and Thailand; in fact, Peru is closer to Thailand that any other measured country, including all of the Spanish-speaking countries. Another surprising similarity is Brazil and Turkey. Does anyone have any explanations for these similarities?

Difference between Peru and Thailand